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Permanent Cosmetics

What are permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics are a form of tattooing. This industry has become notorious for talking about "semi-permanent makeup," and we are here to tell you, "It is permanent!"


Any tattoo you receive is permanent. While it will fade over time and may not be visible to the naked eye, that pigment will always be in the dermal layer of the skin. Factors affecting how quickly the tattoo will fade include: sun exposure, certain medications, body chemistry, skin type, and skin care products.

We utilize different techniques and tools during a procedure. Our many trainings have taught us to use varying tools to achieve a desired outcome. Much thought goes into selecting the appropriate tool and pigment for the client. The pigment is implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin. Our procedures are completed in 2 sessions, 6-8 weeks apart.

We offer several different options for eyebrow tattooing. Using a machine or a microblade, we can create simulated hairstrokes. A microblade is a hand tool with a series of needles arranged close together. It is not an actual blade. A single needle can be used in a tattoo machine to simulate hair strokes as well. Hairstrokes will fade faster and need more frequent color boosts due to the smaller amounts of pigments being implanted.


Another option for eyebrows is the powdered brow. This procedure will last longer and simulates the appearance of having your brows filled in with powder.

We also offer eyeliner services and 3D areola tattooing.

We are both members of the SPCP, The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, which promotes the sharing of education throughout the permanent cosmetic industry. We strongly believe that continuing education is necessary in order to produce the best work! 

The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals membership represents professionals in the industry who are dedicated to promoting the ideals and standards of the SPCP, offering cosmetic tattooing that is conducted in accordance with safety standards specific to the permanent cosmetic process, and those who stay abreast of and participate in industry activities. 

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